Booze Nooze got problems glub glub

This is going to validate a LOT of country songs.

Got bad memories? A glass of wine can fix that for a bit. Three glasses can fix that for a day.

A study from Brown University in Rhode Island (must be boring there) claims that alcohol molecularly messes with your memory.

Despite the hangovers caused by consuming alcohol, opiates, etc; their use still produce rewarding memories.

The true purpose of the study was to explain why alcoholics fall off the wagon so easily, and to find treatments that will better help their recovery.

The weirdos used fruit flies…FRUIT FLIES…for the study.

Perhaps realizing the unintended consequences of this study, Dr. Matthew Polacheck – Director of Outpatient Services at the Hazelden Betty Ford Center Los Angeles – warns: “It’s fascinating from a scientific standpoint but someone could get the wrong idea and start thinking they should be drinking.”

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